Artwork Concept

Questioning humans’ beliefs about Gods and their impact on humans- do Gods really exist? If they do exist, do they have the same forms as described in various mythologies? Are these stories told by imaginative minds recreating the unknown or has someone actually witnessed them in their true form? That’s when I started to wonder about how the elephant god, Lord Ganesha, would look like if he belonged to outer space. Taking this idea forward, we carved out Spacenesh.

Material Exploration

A hidden Neem wood tree uprooted a decade ago in the forests of Auroville, Tamil Nadu.

Artist’s Discovery

One evening during his evening jog, he stumbled upon a series of mice walking their path alongside. He followed them curiously to know where they were headed and saw them going into the voids of the ground where this Neem tree was uprooted. That’s where he found his Ganesha. Ironically led by Ganesha’s vahana, the mice themselves!


L 79.5 B 37 H 51 Inch
L 202 B 94 H 130 cms

Call for Price

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