Our Philosophy

Sustainability is the new way of life that we need to adapt for a prosperous future. Experiencing life in forests, we realised that people cut down trees for various needs and often use the remains as firewood. Even so, we believe that every existence on this planet has a purpose to fulfil. Therefore, we present to you, sculptures that are handcrafted with the belief of resurrecting trees that are deforested or fallen due to natural calamities, every chunk of which is sourced sustainably and awaiting to fulfil its purpose.

The Artist – Ravi Teja Varma

Ever looked up at the sky and wondered if a cloud resembled an elephant? Always enthusiastic to do something out of the box, Ravi was inspired by the various forms of tree trunks and roots around, as if they were trying to tell a story. Eventually he began collecting deforested trees by himself, started drawing possibilities and chiselled down the magical creations. He says, “It took me one whole year to explore the incredible realms of trees and the powers they possess. I realised that their patterns, repetitions, and shapes resemble our daily lives and impact it to a large extent.”

A Civil Engineer turned Sculptor, Ravi’s journey with nature helped him realise the bliss in experiencing it closely and learning the way of life.


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