Celestial Nexus

Celestial Nexus

Artwork Concept

Introducing “Celestial Nexus”: This captivating sculptural masterpiece, meticulously hand-sculpted from a solid block of black granite, brings to life the enigma of the unknown with its UFO-inspired form. Weighing 150 kgs, the seamless rotation on its metal trio legs invites viewers to interact with the celestial mystery embodied in this thought-provoking work of art. “Celestial Nexus” transcends boundaries, sparking curiosity and dialogue about the mysteries that lie beyond our earthly realm.

Material Exploration

Revealing the Intricacies of Black Granite in Celestial Nexus. This exploration celebrates the unique characteristics of black granite, renowned for its dense composition and striking appearance. Each facet of Celestial Nexus is meticulously crafted from this formidable material, showcasing its natural beauty and enduring strength. Through expert sculpting and polishing techniques, the granite’s inherent texture and color variations are accentuated, adding depth and intrigue to the piece. Celestial Nexus stands as a testament to the timeless allure of black granite, inviting viewers to marvel at its captivating presence and enduring elegance.


L 11  B 19 H 19 Inch 

L 28 B 48 H 48 cms

Call for Price

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