Navarasa II

Navarasa II

Artwork Concept

Depicting the nine emotional essences of an individual being, this sculpture is designed with intricate details and textures that can be immersively experienced with a naked eye. Each of the carvings crafted define the nine different expressions from mythological beliefs- Sringara, Hasya, Karuna Raudra, Veera, Bhayanka, Bhibatsa, Adbutha and Shantha. Woven together into a beautiful wooden sculpture, it is created with a provision of LED lighting concealed from the inside to enhance the aesthetics and illuminate the space beautifully.

Material Exploration

Handcrafted from a Pacific Rosewood chunk, this log was hollowed out from within, creating a provision for lighting and highlighting the intricate details of the design through its reflections.


L 21.5 B 157 H 53 Inch

L 54.7 B 40 H 134.5 cms


Call for Price

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