Artwork Concept

The dynamic Navarasa was created to explore the emotional essences of an individual being. The popup of faces depict the nine vibrant emotions- Sringara, Hasya, Karuna Raudra, Veera, Bhayanka, Bhibatsa, Adbutha and Shantha woven together. Standing tall and balanced, this artwork reminds one to have control over their emotions and always strive towards winning good over evil. The nine emotions woven together form our NAVARASA, a one of a kind masterpiece.
In addition, the functionality of this sculpture is designed to project a ray of light from within, spreading positivity, hope and courage through each of the emotional f(ph)aces.

Material Exploration

Feeling like a calling from the log itself, this piece of Pacific Rose Wood was found in the vicinity of the Irumbai temple, Tamil Nadu, coincidently on the first day of Navratri. 


L 22 B 17.3 H 53.5 Inch
L 56 B 44 H 136 cms

Call for Price

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