Calm in the Storm

Calm in the Storm

Artwork Concept

People evolve over time with circumstances and experiences that mould them to become stronger. These are the enlightened ones who choose what is worth fighting for. A tribute to such people, for their light to shine from within and spread a sense of calmness during difficult times, we present artistically curated, Calm in the Storm.

Material Exploration

A thoughtfully handcrafted Pacific Rosewood chunk, this piece of wood was explored further by the Artist’s inquisitive mind. It was deliberately left for the termites to feed on and create unique textures to work on. It is mounted on a granite boulder with an LED concealed within a grove to illuminate the entire bark and its surroundings.


L 15  B 14.5  H 56.7 Inch 

L 38 B 37 H 144 cms

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