Artwork Concept

Elegantly diffusing the vibrance of the ancient Conch, the Rippled Portal is inspired by the high-spirited affect that it creates around its surroundings. Mythologically and aesthetically, the Conch resonates the sound of the sacred Om, originally defined as the vibration of the universe, from which all other vibrations manifest. Hence, it creates psychological vibrations in human minds that instill calmness and refresh the environment around.We present the alluring Rippled Portal to signify positivity, purity and good luck, to reverberate in your lives, just like the ripple effect!

Material Exploration

A contemporary Rosewood decorative sculpture inspired by the beliefs in the history and culture of the universe, intricately detailed with waves like carvings to spread the vibrations of sound and create a soothing environment.


L 25 B 10.5  H 28 Inch

L 63.7 B 27 H 71 cms

Call for Price

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