Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Artwork Concept

This single massive upside down tree trunk is a thorough depiction of motivation for one to take a move forward and never give up! The challenges that the sourced material had to offer were all odds against possibilities. Yet it unfolds to be an alluring piece of art that so heroically stands in unison. It strongly suggests taking a step ahead in the unknown with the belief that you will step into a world full of possibilities- A leap of Faith.

Material Exploration

Stationed with proper calculations of gravity and physics, this gigantic Mahogany wood was carved at an angle where it is slanted in its stance but rigid in its existence. Placed on a one tonne granite block, the three resting positions of the wood find their support from just one groove that locks itself to stay intact.

Artist’s discovery

The magnitude of this tree trunk had challenged him in unknown ways, some by the scale and some by the workability. Nevertheless, it did not waver a bit of belief he had in himself. It felt like an epiphany or a push from his inquisitive mind and he could not resist creating something introspective. That confidence let his imagination evolve and flow to create this marvellous sculpture!


L 71 B 64 H 100 Inch 

L 180 B 163 H 244 cms

Price On Request


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