Birth and Death of a Star

Birth and Death of a Star

Artwork Concept

Breathing in and breaking into new formations of life by itself, this artwork is ideated on the grounds of reproduction of an atom. The Birth and Death of a Star reacts similar to Meiosis, the cell division process. Constant expansions and contractions break into multiple new formations as reproduction takes place. The hollow centre represents the void and the four extensions on either side represent life reaching out to form on all sides, an imagination beyond horizons!

Material Exploration

With Star dust sprinkled all over, this Kerala Granite slab resembles a gaseous formation in outer space. A versatile yet fragile material, it earns its glamorous colour from the variations of minerals it consists of.


L 19.5 B 6 H 20 Inch 

L 49.3 B 15.1 H 52 cms

Price On Request


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