Biomorphic Vase 002

Biomorphic Vase 002

Artwork Concept

Crafting functional art, we present Each vase, meticulously sculpted from solid coquina rock, embraces biomorphic forms that delve into the realms of shape, texture, and color. This unique blend of artistic expression and functionality invites individuals to infuse their daily collections of favorite flora and fauna, turning these morning vases into living canvases that breathe life into their space. seamlessly merges nature and art, creating a daily ritual of beauty and connection.

Material Exploration

A distinguished feminine figurative carved from a huge Need Wood chunk takes its stance on a solid cut of raw black granite with the help of a brass rod attached to it.


L 56.5  B 32 H 65  Inch

L 143  B 82 H 166 cms

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