Jnana Mudra

Jnana Mudra

Artwork Concept

Embracing the yogic posture of the Jnana Mudra, every detail is crafted intricately with a five-finger projection on one side and a closed look of the index and thumb finger on the other. Created as a seating like structure, it enhances the experience of the user by allowing them to indulge in Jnanam. This unique story-telling piece of art will have a reminiscing effect on the people experiencing it, making them travel through the imaginary world of creation.

Material Exploration

A Neem wood sculpture, carved into an immersive yoga posture- the Jnana Mudra, bringing balance and fulfilment to the user.


L 97.3 B 49 H 33.5 Inch

L 247 B 124.3 H 85 cms


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