Discover the Abundance of Life. A Connect with Nature.

We are here, challenging in nature while exploring new territories and horizons , exciting to find meaning in nothing and nevertheless soul satisfying to see the world in a new light ever day.

Sustainability has taken a new shape

Let your choices reflect your beliefs, values and ideologies.

Most Promising Entrepreneur & Sculptor of the Year 2022

Awarded at The Great Indian Entrepreneurship, Design , Business & Start-up Awards & Conference 2022

An Earthly Experience,
gracefully handcrafted for you

Born with the idea of connecting Humans back with Nature and its exquisite surroundings, we at Web of Life handcraft ethereal sculptures of wood and stone. Sourced from the forests and mines across India, every chunk is shaped with a conceptual story to discover. 


We curate sculptural objects, lightings and furniture in a contemporary fashion that go well with both  modern and classical aesthetics. From a collection of uprooted woods, these pieces are carved by preserving their truest shapes and possessions. The idea is to pour life into them with art, reconnect you with your wandering thoughts and find your calling from Mother Nature.

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